Why I want a Lab-SNP coalition

Since the Labour Party was established, it has been seen as an alternative to the cut-happy Tories, opposing the small-state model. In recent years, however, Labour have followed the agenda set by the Tories, promising as-yet-unspecified cuts to the welfare state and local government budgets. Labour have also turned against many in their party on nuclear disarmament, promising to renew Trident. Perhaps most shockingly of all, Labour have allowed the ‘Kippers to dictate their immigration policy – veering towards xenophobic rhetoric, despite being the party with the most ethnic minority voters The strongest opponents of this ‘austerity-lite’ (purely in terms of numbers) have been the SNP, who have consistently offered Labour a deal to help them maintain a stable government (whether a formal coalition or not.) I urge Ed Miliband to grasp this opportunity – not to give in to Tories pressuring him to reject a deal that would undoubtedly be good for people across the UK. My beloved Greens might also get a slice of the action, too! Only a deal with the SNP will guarantee a Labour government – even if they only manage 276 seats (a disaster for them), on current polling the SNP would still boost them to a majority. CsGehySgDPrRxrK-800x450-noPadAs Nicola Sturgeon put it, if Miliband fails to lock out Cameron, voters would “never forgive him.” Like many in the UK (not just in Scotland), I want to see the back of a disastrous Tory government, and a true end to austerity. Which is why, at least until Ed Miliband confirms that he’s willing to work with the SNP, if you live in Scotland, I urge you to vote for them. In England, I’m sure no-one will be surprised to hear me say that in my opinion, the Greens are the most worthy of your vote. And I’d encourage anyone to sign this petition, urging Ed to form a truly left-wing government on May 8th. Others at the Great & the Good may well be offering their voting advice over the coming weeks. – Vint


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