A World Gone Mad

I didn’t want to write anything about the Paris attacks. I felt somewhat unqualified, but more pertinently, the sheer horror of the event has had a sort of numbing effect. What do you say in response to an atrocity like this? Should I really be saying anything? I’m not a Parisian, and have never felt what the people of Paris – and France – must be feeling now. What gives me the right?

It opens up a wider question, and I suppose that’s why I’m writing. What type of world do we live in? I don’t know the answer, and I don’t feel I ever will. This is the second time this year that Paris has had to face this pain and horror from these barbarous animals, and it makes one wonder why we are where we are. This is murder that bypasses all conventional explanations. There can’t be a normal rationale – a normal thought process – that allows people to behave like this. The world’s gone mad – but we can’t let these people – if you can call them that – drive us into hysteria. So let’s stand in solidarity with our French brothers and sisters, and uphold the three great French principles which underpin our way of life – liberté, égalité, fraternité.

~ Seb


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